70 Pine St. / AIG Building

Architect: Clinton and Russel
Holton & George
Developer & Principal Tenant: Cities Service Company
General Contractor: James Stewart & Company
Current Owner: American International Group
Current Tenant: American International Group Realty Corporation
Height: 952 ft / 290 m
Floors: 66

Alternatively known as the Cities Service Building, the 60 Wall Tower, the American International Building, and the AIG Building, 70 Pine Street was the last of the Jazz-Era skyscrapers Downtown. The 950-foot Cities Services Building was, and is again, New York City's third tallest tower. Its constricted site between Pine, Pearl and Cedar Streets was so small that the designers employed double-decker elevators to minimize the number of elevator shafts needed. The 9-story, cross-shaped base resolves into a 28-sided tower, completely filling the zoning envelope. The observation deck, in a gorgeous glass enclosed room, affords spectacular views of the city. Although tall and covered in sumptuous, Art Deco detailing, the building opened when the Depression was in full flower and Downtown was full of empty, high-rise office space. The building's lobby, in colored marbles and multi-colored art-deco stucco work, is one of the finest in the financial district.