Ten & Taller: 1874 - 1900

Charting Manhattan buildings by year, use, and height

Virtual Exhibition

About the Timeline

The Timeline presents a digital, interactive view of the TEN & TALLER – representing all of the buildings erected in Manhattan from 1874 through 1900 that were ten stories or taller – chronologically, as well as by height and color-coded by use. Starting in 1874 with the 260-foot Tribune Building, the Timeline illustrates the annual addition of new space in commercial buildings, be they office, apartments, hotels, or lofts.

The three interfaces present all the buildings in the TEN & TALLER survey organized in different, and complementary ways: 1) facades; 2) footprints on a map; and 3) representations of time, height, and use.

Click on a building in the Timeline to access its images and information. Use the arrow button in the pop up window to cycle through a slide show of images. Switch to the Map or Grid to further explore TEN & TALLER.

How we made this timeline

Using the data set created by structural engineer Don Friedman from his study “Structure in Skyscrapers: History and Preservation,” we reorganized the information by year and use, and created this bar-chart-like timeline with intereactive popups to show the detailed data, as well as related images.

This web page is created to be responsive to a broad range of screen sizes.