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wall street in 1825
Top: Moses King, King's Views of New York Stock Exchange, pg. 78.
Bottom: I. N. Phelps Stokes, The Iconography of the City of New York, Volume 3, PL 105. Retrieved from

This early 19th century view of Wall Street shows a mix of building heights and types. It was made by Peter Maverick (1780-1831), an eminent engraver and painter who worked chiefly for book-publishers and bank-note companies. The image shows Wall Street before the Great Fire of 1835. This snowy scene of horse-drawn sleighs running north on Broadway in front of Trinity Church depicts many notable buildings including the First Presbyterian Church (the steeple on the left hand side) which was used as a hospital during the Revolutionary War and was subsequently moved to Fifth Avenue near 12th street in the 1840s following the Great Fire. Further down the street is the domed Merchant's Exchange. Lower image is titled "Wall Street. 1825 Broad Street, including the Custom House, to Trinity Church." On the north, at the Nassau Street corner, appears the First Presbyterian Church with only one small structure between it and the large building on the Broadway corner. On the south, at the Broad Street corner: "C. Pool | Law Books" and "Law Books | Blanss Stationary."


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