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48 Projects

SUPERTALLS are a special class of skyscraper. More expensive to build than shorter structures, they require special wind-tunnel and seismic analysis, stiffer frames, extra material and special elevators, and often refuge floors or other safety measures.

These 48 towers represent all supertalls worldwide that are completed, under construction, or the Museum believes are advancing toward completion by 2016. Projects that seemed stalled were not included, and several that are still confidential were withheld. Additional towers will doubtless be announced in the coming months. Our census closed on July 1, 2011.

On the top row are buildings of the 20th century and the current world's tallest. In the lower three rows there are seven towers that are completed or topped out; the remaining projects are still in early stages of design. Supertalls are organized by region, country, and city.

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